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Spot a Mouse? Climb Down off the Chair and Call Interior Pest Arrest

Kamloops area homes and businesses trust Interior Pest Arrest for humane, eco-friendly rodent control that works.

Don’t Wait for an Infestation

If you’ve noticed rodents like mice (or worse, rats) scuttling about at night or during the day, call us as soon as possible. Don’t give those mice time to reproduce and turn into your own personal plague.

Humane, Environmentally Responsible

At Interior Pest Arrest, we specialize in all traditional rodent control methods, but we also offer some of the most green-friendly, cutting-edge rodent control tactics. These include baits and traps that use less toxic poisons.

Rodents Spread Disease

Mice and rats may appear to be small, harmless animals; but they can all too quickly become a health hazard by spreading disease like Hantavirus, which kills 1 Canadian each year. Call us for responsible rodent control today.

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